Third-party CNC turning

Professional skills, know-how and cutting-edge technologies allow us to offer third-party CNC turning machining

Turning is a machining process achieved through a chip removal process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, describes a toolpath by moving linearly and curvilinear while the workpiece rotates

When turning, the cutting tool removes chips, thus giving the workpiece the desired shape. Turning processes can produce various shapes of materials such as spherical, conical or cylindrical workpieces.

Our machine fleet consists of two manual lathes and eight CNC lathes with motorised tool heads and y-axis control. These cutting-edge technologies can prepare holes and threads while turning.

High level precision turning

Our skilled and continuously improved team as well as our cutting-edge technologies ensure the highest quality and excellence in mechanical processing. From procurement of raw materials through to dimensional inspection and final testing, we offer millimetric precision and a higher customisation level for a 360° service. 

Our CNC turning department is skilled at working with simple and complex profiles, both for small and large series, following our strict quality policy. Our quality specialists continuously check the production processes at each phase, from machining through to the finished product. 

Moreover, thanks to these new technologies, we are able to turn complex geometric shapes from different materials (both ferrous and non-ferrous materials) as well as hardened metals, alloys and superalloys. 

Commonly worked materials:

Machine fleet