Precision mechanical machining for molds industry

Precision mechanical machining for different kind of molds

We work on molds and dies provided by the customer

Our cutting-edge machinery as well as our technical skills allow us to work on hard metals or metals that requires chemical or thermal treatments, such as hard or tempered steel. They’re mostly used for blanking molds, die casting molds, molds for plastic and rubber as well as extrusion dies for rubber. 

These are the mold types we can produce:

Blanking molds for sheet metal processing

By combining wire EDM, die sinking EDM, micro-drilling, milling, and turning, our team produces many kinds of steel molds, components (punch holders, punches, blank holders / extractors, dies and bases).

Blanking molds for magnet yoke laminations

Within both production sites we manufacture components for magnetic yoke lamination blanking molds, including dies and hard metal punches with tight tolerance dimensions.

Sheet forming molds

By combining milling and turning we achieve male-female shapes, modeling the sheet with different morphologies.

Molds for plastic and rubber forming

We’ve been a reliable plastic and rubber molds supplier for many years. Milling, turning and EDM departments can count on a highly skilled team which realize extrusion and injection dies, carts, ejector seats, and mold closures.

Sintering molds

Our highly skilled team as well as the latest generation technologies guarantee high-quality and promptness for hard metal molds machining.

Ceramic molds

Our highly skilled team as well as the available technologies allow us to understand and satisfy the growing needs of the most important companies in the field of ceramics both for small series, prototypes, samples, and bigger projects. We normally work using several processes including milling and wire EDM on forming grids, which often require cylindrical and/or conical parts that can be easily achieved by wire EDM.

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