Third-party Wire EDM

We have been leaders in mechanical machining since 1990 and offer a third-party wire EDM service.

In wire EDM (WEDM) a thin single-strand metal wire, usually brass or copper, is electrically charged and fed through the workpiece to give the desired shape

The tool electrode is simply a wire and it is used to erode and outline the workpiece.

On most machines, X and Y axis can also move independently from the U and V axis, giving rise to the ability to cut conical shapes as well as transitions between different shapes. 

The wire, usually made of copper covered with brass, is constantly fed from a spool and flows continuously, and is consumed as it is subjected to wear due to electrical discharges.

Today wire EDM is the best technology to obtain through-holes on conductive materials with strict dimensional tolerances (less than one hundredth of a millimeter).

Moreover, it can work with every kind of metal or alloy: copper, brass, aluminum, steel, hardened materials, tungsten carbide as well as conductive materials such as graphite.

Thanks to these features, it is particularly suitable for dies and, generally speaking, is essential for precision mechanical machining. 

Why choose wire EDM:
Main applications of wire EDM:

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icona elettroerosione a tuffo


In die sinking EDM the tool electrode can be made from copper, copper tungsten or graphite, according to the desired shape. 

icona microforatura


Micro-drilling EDM uses a rotating tube electrode made of copper or brass, which makes deep holes in conductive metals.

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