Third-party CNC Milling

We are leaders in third-party CNC milling machining for over 30 years

Milling can work a wide variety of shapes on different surfaces

It is one of the most used and trustworthy processes for machining custom parts with precise tolerances – a phased process of roughing followed by finishing aids in realising tighter tolerances. Furthermore, milling can work all kinds of materials: from hardened steel, stainless-steel and titanium through to aluminum, PTFE and graphite (mainly used for electrodes).

Our machine fleet boasts fifteen CNC milling machines with 3, 4 and 5 axes. They are suitable for all customer needs and requests, for large projects, prototypes and assembly production. 

Milling processes are carried out inside an air-conditioned and temperature-controlled environment, ensuring high quality and repeatability.

Cutting-edge technologies for precision milling

Our DMC 65 Monoblock, MIKRON HSM 400 U LP and MIKRON UCP 800 machines are showpieces of the precision mechanical industry. They stand out as our 5-axis CNC milling machines, offering to our customers the highest quality and excellence in mechanical processing. 

Moreover, they are reliable and high-performance milling machines which guarantee versatility, precision and quality with a high level of customisation.

Commonly worked materials:

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