Quality Control

High-level quality in precision mechanical machining

Quality control is an essential part of our work. It guarantees both excellence of mechanical machining and precision from production processes

Each component comes to life and follows a strict series of phases. At the end of each one, our quality specialists carry out accurate intermediate checks, which allow us to comply with our high-quality standards, ensuring the best precision to our customers.

The production process ends with a final test, arguably the most important one, and takes place inside our latest generation metrology room. It is an air-conditioned and temperature-controlled environment, equipped with tools for testing and precision dimensional control.

From purchasing raw materials to final testing, we provide a complete and high-quality service. This is possible thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and our metrology room with high-performance Zeiss coordinate measurement machines.

These are the measuring machines available in our metrology room:


ZEISS Contura is the high-precision and high-performance measuring machine, which is particularly suitable for complex measurements that require high accuracy and fast quality control.

The finished workpiece is compared with the customer original design and a final dimensional certificate declares compliancy as well as millimetric precision.

Zeiss Contura is the showpiece of the metrology. The VAST articulating probe and the ceramic guides help to reduce thermal expansion as well as high rigidity and minimised moving weight. The three axes with air cushioning ensure high stability while moving, even at high speed and acceleration. 

Moreover, our quality specialists use a progressive joystick to easily manipulate the machine, carrying out single or series measurements in after setup.

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ZEISS DuraMax is a reliable and high-performance measuring machine within our metrology room. Its cutting-edge technology carries out extremely precise tests, ensuring workpiece compliance compared to customer design specifics and requests agreed during the design phase. 

Zeiss Duramax is equipped with VAST XXT scanning probe, suitable for high-precision measurements.


The three-dimensional scanning arm FARO (ScanArm) equipped with a laser scanner technology (Laser Line Probe) is a value tool for quality control.

This coordinate measurement system combines contact and non-contact measurement. Unlike other scanning systems, the Laser Line Probe and the ScanArm digitalises the component in a single set-up, without removing the workpiece from a given machine.

Our quality specialists carry out dimensional checks directly on the machine, reducing throughput times and ensuring components meet quality requirements.

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