Third-party Micro-drilling EDM

Our cutting-edge micro-drilling EDM area houses the latest generation micro-drilling EDM machine and traditional systems

Micro-drilling EDM is akin to die sinking EDM, but the electrode is a rotating tube which is designed for producing fast, accurate, small, and deep holes

This technology is extremely versatile and strategic in the industry: in most cases the workpiece needs to be drilled before wire EDM can be performed.

Our CNC micro-drilling machines are equipped with automatic electrode transmission for up to 18 positions: this automation offers a greater productive efficiency and a high level of customisation. 

Micro-drilling EDM can produce holes in all kinds of metals from 0,25 mm up to 6 mm diameter on heights over 300 mm.  It is able to realise holes in parts where the aspect ratio and metal hardness would prevent the application of traditional technologies. 

Our Micro-drilling EDM machine is ready to solve any technical issue concerning workpiece material hardness and depth. Furthermore, our professional skills and the experience gained over the years helps us to achieve high quality machined parts.

Why choose Micro-drilling EDM:

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icona elettroerosione a filo


According to the material we need to work, the tool electrode in wire EDM is a copper or brass wire.

icona elettroerosione a tuffo


In die sinking EDM the tool electrode can be made of copper, copper tungsten or graphite, depending on the desired shape.

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