Third-party laser welding

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Laser welding is an effective modern solution that offers advantages over traditional welding technologies

A laser beam provides a concentrated heat source, permitting narrow, deep welds with low thermal expansion.  Dimensional alterations are also enabled by this technology, allowing component repair.

Furthermore, it is a versatile process capable of welding steel, bronze and copper alloys, aluminum and titanium. This technology joins pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser, with or without adding filler material. Therefore, it is extremely useful to repair dies and to join very thin and complex mechanical pieces without causing deformation. 

This technology is frequently used in high volume applications in the automotive, medical, aerospace & defense, electronics and multimedia industry. 

It is also commonly used in the preparation of machining dies: it allows to change or fix the die shape without preheating and with a low heat transfer to the part. Moreover, is essential in the repair of misused or overused workpieces where the addition of filler material is required.

Why choose Laser Welding:

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