Giving life to your projects for over 30 years

Quality and experience in precision mechanical machining

A passion that comes true

We were established in 1990 by brothers Alessandro and Paolo Zanichelli, both passionate professional racing drivers and mechanics. In the early ’90s they bought a small EDM machine to shape Ergal and Titanium workpieces for their own cars and motorcycles.

Fascinated by the amazing capabilities of this technology, they began a new adventure by giving life to Rodofil, which has become a leading company in the field of precision mechanical machining. 

Year by year, our company quickly grew, becoming one of the most influential precision machining companies in Parma area.  We eventually offered a fully customisable service to our customers by introducing new cutting-edge technologies including: wire and die-sinking EDM, micro-drilling, and later milling, turning, and grinding.

To fulfill our customer’s needs, we expanded with Rodofil 2, a second site dedicated to lathes, CNC machining and latest generation grinding machines.

sede rodofil Parma
Rodofil esterno sede parma

Growth and targets

Our success is driven by innovation as well as a determination to provide high quality full-service. We always look forward to new technologies and solutions, offering the best third-party precision machining services to our customers.

Passion, dedication, knowledge and professionalism allowed us to establish important partnerships with high profile companies from different sectors such as R&D, aerospace and automotive, as well as molds, packaging and food & beverage industries.

In 2013 we reached two important milestones: we acquired a competitor Gozzi S.r.l., and the company Rial Vacuum from Parma which has been working with particle accelerators for over 40 years.

A prestigious joint venture

2015 ended up with another success: we established the SAES Rial Vacuum, a new joint venture together with the international corporation SAES Getters S.p.A.

It is a new challenge that has given us the opportunity to put our know-how acquired over the years into practice, as well as continuing to grow and increase our technical skills and knowledge. 

SAES Rial Vacuum is focused on preparing and testing vacuum chambers for laboratories and research institutes. Due to the high level of specialisation, SAES Rial Vacuum has prepared components for particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, and several synchrotron light sources including: Elettra in Trieste, Soleil in Paris, the Advance Photon Source in Chicago, the Advance Light Source in Berkeley California, and Swiss Light Source in Aargau.  Products offered by SAES Rial Vacuum are complete turn-key vacuum chambers ready for installation, this service requires the latest generation of precision mechanical technologies able to produce components with strict dimensional tolerances, and a high level of expertise in ultra-high vacuum and the technologies of welding, cleaning and residual gas analysis.