Third-party Die Sinking EDM

We are a valuable and highly skilled partner for third-party die sinking EDM services.

Die sinking EDM use an electrode, usually made of tungsten copper or graphite, which provides the required shape to the workpiece

In Die sinking EDM the electrode and the workpiece are submerged in dielectric fluids and as the electrode approaches the workpiece, thousands of sparks are generated, and the workpiece is eroded with the desired shape according to the customer design. 

This technology allows us to obtain blind holes and undercuts in every kind of conductive material and it is widely used in mechanical precision, both for machining of dies and special workpieces which require high-level precision, repeatability and a good surface finish. 

Moreover, it helps us to achieve a high level of dimensional precision on hard-to-work materials or those chemically treated.

By combining EDM, milling and turning we can offer a complete and fully custom service based on our customers’ needs.

Why choose Die sinking EDM:

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