Precision mechanical machining for scientific research

Precision mechanical machining for science research and new technologies development

Working for scientific research industry is particularly exciting and gives us the opportunity to show our professional skills, as well as keep on growing and increasing our technical skills and knowledge. We have been partners of SAES Rial Vacuum since 2015, which is a cutting-edge company operating in the field of ultra-high vacuum for nuclear physics and particle accelerators

Our technologies and the technical team’s expertise allow us to work on monolithic chambers made of stainless steel, inconel, titanium, copper, copper chromium zirconium alloys, and aluminum alloys by combining milling, turning and wire EDM. We recently introduced the new wire EDM Sodick ALC800GH machine, which can perform cut lenghtsof up to 800 mm , offering great versatility as well as a high level of customization. Moreover, we produce CF flanges with a specific “knife-edge” shape which deforms a copper gasket, providing alow-outgassing rate, temperature-resistant vacuum seal.

But that’s not all: we are the first Italian company to work with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) HiLumi super-conductive magnets which have been designed and produced to control the accelerated and high energy particle beam and guiding it towards the interaction zones of the almost 27 km circumference circular collider. This important project is a goal we reached out as a company as well as a country because it’s the first industrially made magnet that was not created inside a research laboratory.

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