Third-party precision mechanical machining

Experience, quality, and high-level customisation and specialisation allow us to offer high-quality third-party mechanical machining

Our high-tech machinery consists of more than 50 machines including CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, EDM (wire, die-sinking, micro-drilling) as well as laser welding, laser marking and dimensional inspection instrumentation. 

Our skilled technicians and the know-how gained over the years give us the opportunity to offer the best and most effective machining solutions to manage very complex working cycles.

We offer high-quality and precision by combining high-tech machines and long-term partnerships with valuable, loyal and trustworthy partners.

Commonly used technologies for third-party precision mechanical machining:


The desired shape is achieved by a chip removal processes with a rotating tool


Axially symmetric parts are obtained by chip removal processes with a rotating workpiece

Laser Welding

Used to for repair of forming dies


Machines planar surfaces, shoulders and flutes with low surface roughness

Laser marking

Engraves logos and product identifying marks without affecting workpiece dimensions

Die-sinking EDM

Blind shapes and undercuts can be obtained working with conductive materials

Wire EDM

Can achieve through-holes on conductive materials with tight dimensional tolerances

Micro-drilling EDM

Drills deep and large holes on all kinds of conductive metals or alloys